Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Explosive New Book Exposes Ann Coulter as Fearful Fraud

Date: December 8, 2011
Contact: Daniel Borchers
Founder and President
Citizens for Principled Conservatism
(240) 476-9690

Conservative icon and polemical powerhouse Ann Coulter is a charlatan, as revealed in The Beauty of Conservatism, an explosive exposé of the “most hated woman in America” and most sought after conservative speaker on college campuses.

Known for her beauty, brains, and balls, The Beauty of Conservatism uncovers the other side of Ann Coulter. Offered as a free PDF downloadThe Beauty of Conservatism, includes analysis of Coulter’s latest book, Demonic, and of the most recent Coulter controversies. A handy “Take Action” appendix is a valuable resource for activists.

Chapter 1: The Seduction of Ann Coulter

Chapter 2: The Cuckolding of Conscience

Chapter 3: Beauty …

Chapter 4: … Brains …

Chapter 5: … and Balls!

Chapter 6: I Am Victim, Hear Me Whine

Chapter 7: Polemics R Us

Chapter 8: Spawn of Satan Convention

Chapter 9: Goddess of the Conservative Movement

Chapter 10: Taking a Demonic Turn

Chapter 11: The Beauty of Conservatism

Browser-challenged recipients can access this free PDF book at

Mr. Borchers is available for interviews in person, by telephone at 240-476-9690, and via email at

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This is an alternative home for Coulter Kampf, the website that uncovers the crimes of Ann Coulter. This site is specifically for exposing Coulter's wrongs, her illicit and illegal activities and the history of her rise to fame.
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